Credit and prices

Where do I see the balance?

a) At the loading terminals to upgrade the copy account → Device Locations

 b) On each copier under SECURE PRINT


After copying and printing, the credit displayed is not updated until you have logged out of the copier. So log in again or refresh the page to see the current status.

What is how much?

   B/W B/W      colour colour
  A4 A3   A4 A3
per page 4,7 Cent 7,5 Cent   6,4 Cent 10,3 Cent
duplex 6,1 Cent 15 Cent   8,3 Cent 20,6 Cent  
  • Scanning is free
  • For technical reasons, the billing procedure for duplex printing is two-tiered. First, when copying or printing for a duplex page, the double simplex price is charged (the charge on the card must have the corresponding credit here). After an average of 10 minutes the overpaid amount will be repaid to your account. For all users who settle directly via cost center or flat-rate, the credit note is made directly with the billing.
  • The card deposit for Canon copy cards is 3.00 €. Upon return of the intact card the amount will be refunded.

Return and payment of credit

You can return copy cards and pay your remaining balance at the Canon Service Center. The paid deposit will also be paid out there.

When you’re de-registrating from the university, the payoff can also be transferred to a private bank account. For this please send us a mail from your university account with your bank account information. Since the effort of transferring is sometimes bigger than the actual balance, the amount can fully or partially be donated.
Just now we support the “doctors without borders” newest missions. For more information please visit: where you can see others who also donated.
If you are interested in donating your leftover balance (or parts of it), a short email from your account is sufficient.