Possibilities to send print jobs

There are several ways to send print jobs to your print account. These differ in terms of the application device and the number options available.

Send print jobs from your own computer

+ most customisable options

+ uncomplicated

+ possible from anywhere (a VPN-Client is required outside the university intranet)

+ most time-efficient method

driver installation



Send print jobs from the public computers

+ many workstations at the university

+ Options can be selected

+ uncomplicated

- unpersonalized

- time-consuming login and browsing

- local 

Send print jobs by e-mail

+ works with any email enabled device

+ emergency option

+ mobile application

- only DIN A4-documents

- multiple pages per sheet (4 to 1 etc.) not possible.

- Settings such as stapling, punching, double-sided must be set manually in the print options

Send an e-mail to mail2print@uni-konstanz.de with the files to be printed as an attachment.

Depending on the sender:

  • from uni mailer (SoGo-Account) and external mailer (googlemail, web.de, gmx, ...): subject of the email has to be eigther firstname.surname or the card number.