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In the following is stated, which personal data is stored and possibly further processed and also how long this data remains stored.

Access data

In order to provide access to the copying systems with personalized cards for every student and employee, the user directory is synchronized daily with the servers of the university.

The user account can only be used as long as the e-mail address is valid. As soon as this is no longer confirmed during synchronization, the user account is deactivated and can no longer be used. The Canon employees can still access this data to pay out the balance.

User name (firstname.surname), e-mail address (, user group (students, employees, guests), credits are stored. 

Prints, copies and scans

Every user can use the multifunctional systems freely. In addition to the aforementioned billing data, the following is stored:

Printing: All print data including assignment to the user account for 72 hours or until deleted via the corresponding option on the devices.

Printing via e-mail: The e-mail remains stored for about 10 minutes until the print server has retrieved it from the Uni-Mail server. Afterwards the e-mail will be deleted. The file attachments are converted into print data. For these applies the aforementioned 72-hour limit.

Copies: none

Scans: none

Our commitment to privacy

Canon takes its responsibility for the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data very seriously. Canon regularly reviews and updates its privacy policies and practices. Canon processes personal information for a variety of purposes, which are described in the following explanations, depending on your relationship with us. Below is a list of the latest privacy policies.

Recent Privacy Policies

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